Longbow Lake Resort Inc. is a corporation offering a unique investment opportunity in the heart of the Lake of the Woods.

This is not a Tenants in Common Ownership.

The Corporation is a legal Ontario business which operates and provides ownership based on Condominium Corporation principals. Each lot is legally surveyed and ownership is registered at Land Titles giving each Purchaser solid tenure over their asset.

The Survey showing the lots on the site plan is Ontario Plan of Survey 23R 11525 registered at the Land Titles.

Each Purchaser’s interest is added to the Land Title registry upon the finalization of the Purchaser Agreement. This provides each Purchaser with the Security of Ownership and 100% control of their personal asset to sell or transfer to family in the future.

When all shares are sold, the Corporation will be 100% owned and governed by the lot owners, NO THIRD PARTY INVOLVEMENT.

We feel that the organization structure of this Corporation benefits Purchasers as they own their investment, unlike a Tenants in Common structure where Purchasers are tenants not owners and there is no registration at Land Titles available.

 Please don’t hesitate to  contact us if you are interested in knowing more about the opportunity or if you have any questions regarding the structure of the Corporation.

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